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Human Mind – Robert Winston

In addition to the BBC's The Human Body and Human Instinct documentaries broadcast on NTV, Robert Winston has produced many productions such as Walking With Caveman, Superhuman, Child Of Our Time, and has written more than 20 books. a scientist and doctor. In fact, Winston, who is a professor specializing in gynecology, reproduction and microsurgery and was awarded the title of "Sir" in 1994, later became interested in the brain and neurology, according to his own statement.

Winston wrote the book, originally in 2004, one year after the documentary of the same name. The book, published in Turkish with the translation of Gül Tonak by Say Publications, consists of a total of 544 pages. The book covers many topics such as the structure of the human brain, the neurological system, hormones, our senses and working principles, sleep, dreams, addictions, psychological disorders, learning process, memory, emotions, love, sexuality, character analysis and intelligence.

While we are discovering how we can improve our intelligence, how we can reveal our skills that we have but never noticed, how we can give up our old habits and how we can keep our brain in shape as we age, we are also faced with a great paradox. Because the only tool that makes it possible for us to understand the human brain is the human brain itself, and it is highly probable that science will never be able to fully explain the extraordinary mechanism that makes each of us unique.

Although it looks dauntingly thick, the book, which is easy to read and written in a very understandable language, is a good resource for those who want to learn about the brain and neurology.

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