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The Call of Chthulhu – H.P. Lovecraft

H.P. Lovecraft is one of the pioneers of horror literature. He is a writer who has influenced today's popular writers such as Clive Barker and Stephen King, and his most famous work "Call of Chthulhu" has inspired many movies, games, comics and music works.

Lovecraft is a man whose parents died in a mental institution, obsessed with ugly, weird creatures, slightly racist but in a way a genius. It is claimed that Lovecraft, who is a fan of Edgar Allan Poe, wrote around 100,000 letters in addition to hundreds of works, stories and poems. Moreover, he has written works not only on science fiction and horror, but also on philosophy, science, religion, poetry, almost every subject.

Of course, the book "Call of Chthulhu", which I wrote a commentary on and translated by Dost Körpe and published by Ithaki Publishing, takes its name from its most famous story. It is obvious that the main purpose of naming the book is its popularity. First of all, we need to talk about the translator. Dost Körpe did a really great job. Lovecraft has a wonderful language that is as enjoyable and gripping as the original. Well, of course, the fact that he is a writer himself plays a big part in this. Especially his book "The Sin Eater" received positive reviews. In conclusion, I must say that the translator contributed a lot to my love for this book.

The book consists of eight stories of Lovecraft published in various magazines; Randolhp Carter's Statement (1920), The Stranger (1926), The Music of Erich Zann (1922), Herbert West: The Revival (1922), Mice on the Wall (1924), Pickman's Model (1927), The Call of Chthulhu ( 1928), Shadow Over Innsmouth (1936)

The stories are all good, but the ones that impressed me the most were The Shadow Over Innsmouth and Pickman's Model.

Although there are repetitions in some stories, it is impossible not to respect Lovecraft's incredible imagination and pen. The creatures in the stories, which are generally written by the characters, are described in such detail and convincingly that the thought that Lovecraft may have seen it himself can make you shiver from time to time 🙂

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