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The Dispossessed – Ursula K. Le Guin

One of Ursula Le Guin's cult works is The Dispossessed. The novel he wrote in 1974 is a utopian science fiction. A truly wonderfully imaginative novel; Le Guin won the Nebula and Hugo awards, which are the Oscars of the science fiction world, with this novel.

The novel takes place on two planets, Urras and Anarres. Both planets are satellites of each other; one is the Earth of the other, the Moon of the other, and vice versa. There is no State on Anarres, all society is free (or so they think it is), no guns, no possessions and no possessions; it is also a dry, barren, dust-covered planet. Urras, on the other hand, is a planet ruled by a full capitalist system. Class differences, rules, laws, etc. It is also an easier place to live with its fertile lands. He already referred to the USA and Russia with the name Le Guin Urras. (US and USSR: former Soviet Union). It was strange for a country that was communist at that time that Le Guin, who was a socialist and anarchist, sent the USSR.

The novel tells the story of a scientist named Shevek, living in Anarres, going to Urras and returning to Urras because of some events that he lived on his own planet (I am not writing to avoid spoilers). Even if you get bored from time to time, it is indisputable that it is a science fiction masterpiece that is beyond its time with its immersive descriptions, dialogues and great imagination.

“Like all walls, it was double-meaning, two-faced. What was inside and what was outside depended on which side of the wall you were looking at.”

“It is in the nature of thought to be communicated, written, spoken, realized. Thought is like grass, it seeks light, it loves crowds, it longs to crossbreed, it grows better the more it is stepped on.”

“Thoughts cannot be destroyed by suppression, they can only be destroyed by disregarding them.”

“What men want is freedom. Women are property. He will only release you if he can trade you for something else. All women are property owners.”


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