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15 Best Books I've Read in 2020

Psychodynamic Psychiatry and Abnormal Behaviors - Engin Geçtan

Engin Geçtan is a doctor with the title of Professor who works in the fields of general psychology, psychiatry, child psychology and neurology, writes books on psychiatry, has also used psychiatry in the field of literature, and has also produced works in the field of literature in addition to his academic studies; He is an author who has managed to create a unique language in both his psychiatry books and novels, and has managed to write books that are easy to read with his simple and realistic narration. In this book, Geçtan gave general information about basic psychology theories, normal-abnormal behaviors and mental disorders. In the book, which was first published in 1975 and consists of three chapters titled "Basic Concepts", "Psychodynamic Psychiatry" and "Mental Disorders", the mental disorders section includes Schizophrenia types, paranoid disorders, affective disorders, anxiety disorders, dissociative disorders, paraphilias, substance addictions, eating habits disorders and personality disorders. It is a book that can be used as an academic resource and can be read fondly by people who are interested in psychology and psychiatry.

Being Human - Engin Geçtan

In this book, Engin Geçtan divides the common problems that people experience in daily life into sections, such as how the society and family structure we live in affect our behavior throughout our lives, the reasons for our feelings of anger and hostility, why we feel worthless, lonely and unhappy, in a very fluent and fluent manner without going into scientific jargons. explained in a simple way.

The Spring Is Rebel - Onat Kutlar

Onat Kutlar's book, "Bahar Isyancıdır", consists of 16 essays. As it is known, the essay can be defined as writing the things that come to mind without being bound by a certain form or rule. Onat Kutlar's language is truly fascinating; Articles with deep, striking, sometimes subjective and implicit meanings, every sentence of which needs to be thought about...

"Because that's how it always happens.

There comes a moment, the film breaks.

The sun is caught unexpectedly.

Night descends untimely."

Maybe I'll Come Again - Ahmet Telli

If you love poetry, you will love this book. In Ahmet Telli's poems, children, journeys, birds, rain, city, sadness are described so sincerely and warmly that from time to time you feel aches.

"If you go, this city will be destroyed, the birds will die too.

Where do the birds take shelter when it's evening?

"I've been biting my lips for days

I say at least if a thunderstorm comes a storm

If this dirty and sticky silence ends, I never go

Yet how quiet are the streets, this city and the whole earth

I seep like water on a tightrope into the secluded sky of the night

I'm walking away silently now, silently and without identity

Maybe I will come again, one day if anyone gives a voice to my voice..."

Flight of the Storks - Jean-Christophe Grange

A journalist, Louis Antioche, is paid by Max Böhm to do research on storks and is assigned to track their migration routes. Some storks, who always follow the same route and have tiny handcuffs attached to their feet for recognition, do not return. As a result of his quests to follow the route of the lost storks and solve their secrets, Antioche traveled from the gypsy quarters of Bulgaria to Lausanne, Vienna, to lands such as occupied Palestine, from the jungles of the Central African Republic to Syria, to Paris, He will experience a journey full of excitement, action and tension, extending to Israel and even to Istanbul, and will be astonished when he solves the mystery of the lost storks. The usual Grange classic, with great imagination, flawless plot, action, and breathtaking suspense.

Psychology: A Journey of Discovery - Saundra K. Ciccarelli, J. Noland White

Written by Saundra K. Ciccarelli, J. Noland White, the book consists of approximately 700 pages, printed on glossy paper and larger than normal book sizes. One of the best "Introduction to Psychology" books on the market. The book, which consists of a total of 13 chapters, covers all basic topics related to psychology. At the end of the chapters, there are also tests and subject summaries related to the subject. Plenty of colorful pictures, tables and graphics also increase understanding and fluency.

Tenth Village - Fakir Baykurt

Fakir Baykurt is one of the writers who best describes the Anatolian culture, village life and people of this country. In this book, a village teacher tries to do his duty properly, strives for girls to study, tries to instill the feelings of right, justice, unity and solidarity to the people wherever he goes, and is sent into exile in the face of politicians, bigots and influential landlords. It is told that he does not give up on walking. With its sometimes thought-provoking and sometimes entertaining dialogues, Tenth Village promises an immersive book pleasure. In addition to this, I highly recommend the other Fakir Baykurt books "Snakes Avenge" and "Irızca's Dirligi" that I read this year.

The Book Thief - Markus Zusak

Book II. During World War II, in Hitler's Germany, a boy named Liesel unintentionally steals his first book and then continues to read and continues with his passion for books. It's based around his ever-kind step-dad Hans, and underneath his stern appearance, his good-natured stepmother Rosa and his always-hungry best friend Rudy. The Book Thief is a best-selling book that has been translated into more than thirty languages, has been translated into more than thirty languages, has also reached number one on Amazon and The New York Times bestseller lists and in many countries around the world, in addition to many awards. One of the most interesting aspects of the book is that the narrator of the book is death, the Azrael. The Book Thief is an extremely fluid and warm novel that will bring tears to your eyes from time to time. The book was adapted into a movie by the director Brian Percival in 2013 with the same name, received very good reviews and won an Oscar (best soundtrack).

The Swanns' Side (In Search of Lost Time, #1) Marcel Proust

In Search of Lost Time (À la recherche du temps perdu) is Marcel Proust's most famous work of seven books. Proust started to write the book in 1909 and continued until his death (1922); The book was published in France between 1913 and 1927. In Search of Lost Time, it can be defined as Proust's childhood, youth and adult memories and autobiography. Considered among the best works of the twentieth century, and even in history, the work consists of approximately 3200 pages, 1.2 million words and 2000 characters. One of the reasons for the work, which is among the most difficult books to read, to get this title is the excess of the number of characters; In addition, 20th century French aristocracy and society, titles, places, historical events specific to France (especially the Dreyfus Incident, which is frequently discussed), art and theater activities can be counted among the factors that make it difficult for foreigners to read. In addition to all these, even the simplest things (for example, an ordinary door or a dress) require a lot of time and patience to read, as there are pages of descriptions. The Turkish edition of the book was done by Yapı Kredi Publishing, and the translation was by Roza Hakmen. First of all, it should be stated that the success of Hakmen, who translated this work, which even the French have difficulty in understanding, into Turkish, is beyond all appreciation. The book is sold in the market in two versions; One of them is in the form of 7 separate books, and in the other version, the whole work is collected in 2 volumes. The text of the 2-volume version is very small and difficult to read and carry because each book is approximately 1500 pages; I highly recommend staying away from this version (Note: It still looks good on the bookshelf 😁 ).

Personality - Jerry M. Burger

An easy to read book. He explains the concepts of personality and personality through people who have made a name in the field of psychology in history. The theories, methods, strengths and criticisms of almost all of them are explained.

The Psychology of Evil - M. Scott Peck

An American psychiatrist, Dr. Morgan Scott Peck made his real fame with The Road Less Traveled (1978), one of the best-selling books published in our country. This book, whose original name is "People Of The Lie", has been translated into Turkish as "Psychology of Evil"; considering its content, it cannot be said that it is a wrong choice. The book, which was published with the translation of Göker Talay from Kuralsız Yayınları, consists of 216 pages. In this book, which he wrote as a result of his 20 years of experience in psychiatry, he tried to examine the concept of evil in depth by giving examples from the cases he studied. Peck, who tried to go down to the source of evil, analyze different types, and explain individual and group-based evils with examples in the book, which includes extremely interesting cases, did not hesitate to reveal his mistakes, and sincerely admitted that he could not solve some cases even after years of sessions. In the section of group-based evils, he narrated the famous MyLai Massacre in Vietnam in 1968. As a result, a highly understandable and fluent work emerged with the help of basic psychological terms and teachings through case studies and sessions.

The Mankind and his Behavior - Doğan Cüceloğlu

It is an introductory work on the basic concepts of psychology and psychology. Almost every topic has been covered. Simple explanation, very well done. The only thing I read was the 1991 edition.

A Misogynist - Reşat Nuri Güntekin

How well Reşat Nuri described Ziya's inner world. It's a great book, especially Ziya's letters are very impressive. Ah, Ziya, you broke our hearts...

I can't pass without writing what I dislike the most, what I see as a complete disappointment...

Candide or Optimism - Voltaire

The Shortest Distance Between Us - Barış Bıçakçı,

Slaughterhouse 5 - Kurt Vonnegut

Beloved Cheeky Death - Latife Tekin

Ways of Seeing - John Berger

Species of Spaces and Other Pieces - Georges Perec

Those Who Live Through Games - Oğuz Atay,

All Yort Savuls! 1954-1997 Collected Poems - Ece Ayhan,

Crime and Punishment - Cem Akaş,

Mortal Eggs - Mikhail Bulgakov,


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