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The summer Of Katya – Trevanian

After reading Shibumi out of breath, I wanted to read another Trevanian. "Katya's Summer" is a book that can be read breathlessly even though they are completely unrelated to each other. “The Summer of Katya” is love and drama while Shibumi is a espionage novel. It is impossible that the deep and meaningful human analyzes in the book, which begins as a simple and plain love story, do not affect people. As the novel progresses, the subject gets deeper, it becomes clear how complex the things that seem simple are, and the simple ones that seem complicated, just like life; and you will encounter such an unexpected and striking ending that it will not be possible for you to get rid of its effect for a long time.

The novel is about the relationship of MontJean, a doctor in a Basque town in the summer of 1914, with the mysterious Katya and her family, who move to a house outside the town and do not see anyone. MontJean's dialogues with Katya, her older brother Paul, and the town's old but flirtatious doctor are truly amazing and funny at the same time.

It is a book that makes people stunned with its finale, which I read slowly so that it never ends. It's hard not to admire Trevanian once again.


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