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The Architect's Apprentice – Elif Shafak

The last novel of Elif Şafak, published in 2013, is Ustam ve Ben. The story of a rare white elephant and its caretaker, Indian Cihan, who was sent as a gift to Suleiman the Magnificent by the Indian Shah in the 16th century. In the long story of Cihan and the white elephant Çota, we witness the platonic love of Cihan for Sultan Süleyman's daughter Mihrimah, and his experiences with Mimar Sinan and three other apprentices, whom he started as an apprentice as a result of coincidences.

The usual fluent Elif Şafak language never bores you. Again, this book, which has been thought and researched for a long time (although some events and dates have been changed, as he said) deserves a special respect for this aspect. As a result, it is a book that you can read with excitement without getting bored, but it is not among the best books of Elif Şafak.

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