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The Republic (Cumhuriyet)… Its origin comes from the "Cumhur", that is, the sovereignty of the people, the self-rule by the people elected by the people. It means that a son of a nation that has lived through feudal lords, sultanates and empires throughout its history is so humble and forward-looking as to want to be the "elected representative of the people" instead of the emperor, king, or caliph rank.

It's easy to mutter and squint, but Atatürk is a very different man.

A great soldier and commander throughout his life, commanding and winning victories in Tripoli, the Balkans, Çanakkale, the Eastern (Caucasus), Syria-Palestine Fronts, the War of Independence, the Battle of Sakarya, the Great Offensive; He is intellectual enough to have written 9 books on different subjects such as war, drill, civil knowledge, geometry, and read 2000 books throughout his life; poet enough to write poems; He was a farsighted leader who established State Railways, State Airlines, State Institute of Statistics, Turkish Historical Society, Turkish Language Association, many banks and industrial facilities. His revolutions (letter, dress, surname, civil code…) are so innovative and civilized, as he is one of the first leaders in the world to give women the right to vote.

Here is the 94th anniversary of the Republic, which this man founded by dedicating his whole life despite wars, exiles, all kinds of opposition, troubles and diseases, and which we, as the Turkish nation, must defend with the same determination and determination.

As we celebrate the Republic Day of all our people who know the meaning and value of the Republic, I once again commemorate our great Father with admiration and respect...


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