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Environmental Awareness

The people of my country are very strange, they say, "Oh, where is that old Istanbul," he sighs, "Once there was a vineyard and garden," and he does not speak out against the massacre of nature, then when he finds a little greenery on the side of the highway, he lies down, rolls over, jumps rope, and barbecues.

While he is eating, he looks at the trees that were cut down and burned on the news, and the salad in front of him; The fires devour the trees, the green lettuce with pleasure, while the huge construction machines devour it. Well, lettuce-brained brother, look, you have nowhere to go, your child and grandchild will not have a place to breathe...

And you come out and defend the politicians, saying, “Okay, they cut down a little bit, but they also planted 3 billion trees”; where are these trees? have you seen them with your own eyes? According to the data of IMM Parks and Gardens Directorate, the number of trees planted between 2004-20010 is 1.005.000. Where is a million, where is 3 billion…

The lungs of Istanbul began to melt when the northern basin was talking about bridges, airports and canals. Only for the 3rd Bridge, the number of trees cut exceeded 2 million. Isn't it necessary to put a stop to this massacre now?

I'm saying that if you see the facts now, make up your mind... I also passed the support, at least if you were not a hindrance...


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