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People of the Lie: The Hope for Healing Human Evil - M. Scott Peck

An American psychiatrist, Dr. Morgan Scott Peck made his real fame with The Road Less Traveled (1978), one of the best-selling books published in our country.

This book, whose original name is "People Of The Lie", has been translated into Turkish as "Psychology of Evil"; considering its content, it cannot be said that it is a wrong choice. The book, which was published with the translation of Göker Talay from Kuralsız Yayınları, consists of 216 pages. In this book, which he wrote as a result of his 20 years of experience in psychiatry, he tried to examine the concept of evil in depth by giving examples from the cases he studied.

Peck, who tried to go down to the source of evil, analyze different types, and explain individual and group-based evils with examples in the book, which includes extremely interesting cases, did not hesitate to reveal his mistakes, and sincerely admitted that he could not solve some cases even after years of sessions. In the section of group-based evils, he narrated the famous MyLai Massacre in Vietnam in 1968. As a result, a highly understandable and fluent work emerged with the help of basic psychological terms and teachings through case studies and sessions.

"The opposite of freedom is evil."

"We measure healthy mood by justice, humanity, and the capacity to understand and love other people."

"The meaning of life is the struggle between good and evil and the belief that good will win."

"The most effective way to defeat evil is to surround it with a living creature that has willpower."

"Healthy people review their behavior when they make mistakes, but bad people don't admit their mistakes and avoid responsibility for it."

"The bad ones are not only politicians, leaders, clergy, people and organizations that hold power, but also everyone who does not keep their voices on this; they pay their installments regularly and only pursue their daily comfort."

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