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In the Country of Last Things – Paul Auster

In the Land of the Last Things is a dystopia written by Paul Auster in 1987. The book is basically a long letter written from the mouth of a young girl named Anna Blume. In the letter where Anna told her life in the unnamed country where she came to look for her brother William, what happened after a post-apocalyptic scenario was told through Anna's eyes. We do not know where the country is, but considering that it was reached after a 10-day journey, the book most likely takes place in America, and it is highly likely that the city will be New York.

After an apocalyptic event (Which is not mentioned, nuclear war, disaster, climate change, etc.) in an environment where people could not even meet their most basic needs, in an environment where people were just trying to survive, Anna's efforts to find her brother, along with the terrible events she experienced in the meantime, became almost uninhabitable. as well as being in love, his feelings and thoughts are told from his own mouth. All kinds of crimes, such as murder, robbery, rape, have become commonplace, where an environment of complete chaos prevails, natural resources are destroyed, even heating is achieved by burning the corpses, the whole purpose of people is to survive just one more day, those who cannot stand it try different methods of suicide and euthanasia. In the city where she came from, Anna, a very young girl, is told to protect her dreams, hopes and humanity despite all the difficulties.

Published by Can Publications, the book consists of 187 pages and was translated by Seçkin Selvi.

“But when hope is gone, when even the hope of hoping for anything is lost, one clings to dreams, childish thoughts, and impossible tales to fill the gaps that arise.”

“The story begins, stops, advances a little, then loses its way; there are neither gaps nor silences between each word; How many words are lost, never to be returned”

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