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Best Fitness apps

Endomondo: One of the best programs where you can follow all kinds of sports activities. You can track, store and share time, route, calorie information. The software, which is also compatible with heart monitor devices, is extremely simple to use. In the application where you can compete with your friends and make a weekly monthly program, you can also listen to music while doing sports. In the paid application, there are also personalized programs. (Price: Free, Pro version 9.99 TL per month)

iCardio: One of the biggest advantages of the application where you can record your activities such as running, walking, cardio (Rowing, Spinning, etc.) and cycling is the heart rate monitor. You can track and record your heart rate and calorie expenditures via one of the heart monitor devices that you can pair with via Bluetooth, as well as share them on social media (Price: Free, Pro version 27.99 TL)

Fitbit: One of the most popular apps for sports activities is Fitbit. With wristbands, watches and apparatus such as Flex, Force, Alta, Surge, Ultra, which are products of the same company, you can monitor your blood sugar measurements, food and sleep activities, as well as your heart rate. (Price : Free)

Nike+: Nike's free activity app. It works integrated with the apparatus attached to the wrists or shoes and helps you to follow your activities. The only downside is that you can't pause (temporarily stop). A similar app is MiCoach from Adidas.

Zombies, Run!: A very interesting app. It's basically a running app, but its most important feature is that it's actually a game! yes, you need food, battery etc while escaping from zombies. you are collecting. The game is organized as a season; There are more than 250 tasks in total in the application. (Monthly 9.99, annual 27.99 TL)

SleepBot: This application is also designed for sleep. Like how much you sleep, how much you move in your sleep, and how often you wake up. Smart alarms allow you to wake up during light sleep and monitor your sleep intervals. The claim of the software is “You'll sleep better and wake up more refreshed”. Try it and see. Alternative Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock (Price: Free.)

Lose It!: This is also a program that tracks the food you eat. A software where you can learn how many calories you take, carbohydrates, sugar and fat ratios of foods. You can also share on social media in the program that helps you set a program for yourself and diet. Alternative Weightbot, Yazio (Price : 144.99 per year)

Sworkit: A very successful workout. The application, where you record and follow your body values ​​and create your own special programs, offers many exercise options for every part of your body. Its alternative is The Personal Trainer. (Price: 7.99 per month, 52.99 TL per year.)

Strava: One of the most popular applications, especially in running and cycling activities. Social media and community apps are very advanced. (Price: Monthly 19.99, Annual 219.99 TL)

Argus: A program where you can track your daily activities. In fact, you can track not only activities such as walking and fitness, but also your activities such as eating and sleeping. The application, which we can define as an all-in-one, that is, all in one, also has extra features such as Calorie Tracking and Heart Monitor. The only downside is that it quickly consumes your battery when it is constantly running in the background. (Price: 12.99 per month, 209.99 TL per year)

Apart from all these, Runtastic, Runkeeper, FitWell, Pedometer, Map My Run also stand out as running and sports activity programs with similar features.


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