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Best Music Apps

Musixmatch: One of the best music apps. Its main feature is that it displays the lyrics on the screen, and that it can be displayed in around 40 different languages ​​(including Turkish). You can contribute and earn points by adding lyrics, synchronizing and translating to the application that creates a great commune. With the application, which is integrated with social media, you can share the songs you like as a simple artistic work, including the album cover and lyrics. It also includes a song recognition app. (IOS and Android: Free, premium version 33.99 TL)

Spotify: Spotify is an online music platform. The application, which has tens of thousands of songs and albums in its database, is completely legal, and copyrights are paid through membership fees and advertisements. The application, where you can access your friends' playlists with Facebook integration, can play songs according to your mood. The very popular application is also used as a reference for the most listened songs and singers all over the world. After recognizing the song playing in the application, which is also integrated with Shazam and Musixmatch, you can start listening to it on Spotify and follow the lyrics. At the same time, you can listen to the radio and follow your favorite genres or groups. It also allows you to listen to only the singers and bands you want. Alternatives are Songza, Beats Music, Rdio. (IOS and Android: Free, premium version 12.99 TL per month)

Shazam: Sometimes you hear a song, you like it very much, but you wonder who sings it, what is the name of the song, this application gives you the answer. The application, which has a database of millions of songs, recognizes almost all songs, including Turkish, within 15-20 seconds and gives you information, and allows you to listen to them on Spotify if you want. The alternative is SoundHound. (IOS and Android: Free, Encore version 9.99 TL)

TuneIn Radio: There are many radio applications in the market, the most popular is TuneIn. TuneIn Radio, which has more than 100,000 channels and more than 2 million podcasts, is easy to use and has a very successful interface. You can listen to the genre you want from among dozens of categories, from hundreds of radio channels. The sound quality is also really good. You can create your own playlists, share your favorite music and channels on social media. It has many competitors, of course, these include, Pandora, Slacker, Deezer, iHeart Radio, ShoutCast, iTunes Radio. (IOS and Android : Free)

SongPop: SongPop is actually a music game. You are trying to get to know more than 300 types of songs as soon as possible. These include Turkish pop, 80's, Rock, Hip-Hop, jazz etc. Almost all types are included. You earn points by competing with your friends or with people who choose similar genres all over the world. It's a very fun app. It can be very addictive for those who rely on music knowledge and ear. (IOS and Android : Free)

By the way, there are basic music applications that are already popular all over the world, I did not include them in this list because they are very common. Such as Apple Music, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, YouTube. Finally, let's not forget to mention Turkcell's music application Fizzy. Even though foreign music sources (other than popular ones) are limited, he has a very large archive on Turkish music. By paying 4 TL per month, you also have the opportunity to listen to and download all kinds of songs and albums. It also does not use the internet quota.


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