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Best Guitar Solos In Metal Music

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Guitar is one of the most important instrument in Rock & Metal music genre. Generally in each rock band there are two guitarist with one rhythm and one lead, except in some bands like Pantera, Dream Theater, which has only one who handles both. Although in studio recordings mostly they use two guitars but in concerts still handle as one. Of course metal music has so many subgenres and some of them haven't solo in their songs but still the solos are the trademark for this genre. With this article I will try to choose best solos in Metal music, of course according to my personal opinion which you may degree or not.

Like in every instrument, guitar world has also their own virtuosos. Some of them brought speed, new technics or styles to the genre. But still when we talk about virtuosos that means they have their own styles, moves or sounds. And yet when we talk about best solos it's no surprise that they came from virtuosos. In this article I only mentioned with normal songs with vocal that's why some super virtuosos like Joe Satriani isn't mentioned, so sadly.

Let's start from 10 to countdown... 10. Dokken - Mirror Mirror. Solos by John Norum & Billy White (1990) John Norum is also known with popular Rock band Europe, Billy White is not so known an underrated guitarist but they did a perfect job together. Dokken long term guitarist ( One of my favorite) George Lynch also has many perfect solos like Heaven Sent (1987) to check it out. 9. Extreme - Get The Funk Out. Solo by Nuno Bettencourt (1990) Nuno has many skilled and perfect solos like Play With Me, Flight Of The Wounded Bumblebee but this one is different from others. With his funk style, speed and sound, a perfect solo came out.

8. Metallica - One. Solo by Kirk Hammet (1988) From one of the most popular and iconic band, Grammy awarded song and perfect solo.

7. Gun's 'n Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine. Solo by Slash (1988) From one of the best selling Rock band, more than one billion watch and two minutes of iconic solo by Slash. 6. Ozzy Osbourne - Miracle Man. Solo by Zakk Wylde (1988) Ozzy always worked with many talented guitarist and of course Randy Rhoads is one of them and he has exceptional solos like Mr. Crowley but I choose Zakk. Zakk's No More Tears solo is also a masterpiece to check it out.

5. Pantera - Cemetery Gates. Solo by Dimebag Darrell (1990) Dimebag is considered as best metal guitarist ever by many people and authorities. He has also many masterpieces like Domination (1990). 4. Arch Enemy - War Eternal. Solos by Michael Amott & Nick Cordle (2014) Cordle is appeared in only one album, normally he is a technician and multi instrumentalist but in this song he performs fantastic. 3. Dragonforce - Through The Fire And Flame. Solos by Herman Li & Sam Totman (2005) Dragonforce is famous with its two fast shredding guitarist and in their many songs they have dual solos by two artist and even with keyboard player with trio. More than one hundred million wiew is exceptional for a power metal band but this song owes it's popularity to Guitar Hero 3 game. Exceptional dual guitar battle. 2. Testament - Practice What You Preach. Solo by Alex Skolnick (1989) Another sheredding solo by Skolnick. 1. Megadeth - Tornado Of Souls. Solo by Marty Friedman (1990) Tornado Of Souls solo is written by one of the living guitar legend Marty Friedman. And this solo is accepted as the best solo ever by many authorities.

You can add your favorites and I also have honorable mentions like : * Yngwie Malmsteen - Heaven Tonight. Solo by Malmsteen (1988) & You Don't Remember I'll Never Forget (1986) * Judas Priest - Painkiller. Solos by Glenn Tipton & K. K. Downing (1990) * Dream Theater - Another Day. Solo by John petrucci (1992) * Winger - Seventeen. Solo by Reb Beach (1988) * Whitesnake - Fool For Your Loving. Solo by Steve Vai (1989) * Iron Maiden - Stranger In A Strange Land. Solos by Adrian Smith & Dave Murray * Firehouse - Reach For The Sky. Solo by Bill Leverty (1991)

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