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Candlebox: 25 Years And Still Rocking

First Appearance

Candlebox formed in November 1991, in Seatle. Those were the golden years of Grunge era and so many alternative rock bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden were storming in the chartlists all around the world. The Band were formed by Kevin Martin (Vocals and guitar) and Scott Mercado (Drums) with a name Uncle Duke. After a short while Peter Klett (Guitars), Bardi Martin (Bass) joined the band and they changed the name to Candlebox, as a tribute to a song by Midnight Oil. They started to perform in some famous clubs in Seattle, like RKCNDY and Farside, and started to known by audiences.

After they sent a demo to Maverick Records, they had a deal and released their self-titled album “Candlebox” on July 20, 1993. First single from the album was “Change” , and the second one, “Far Behind” was a major hit on both mainstream and alternative radios, and helped to climb into the Top Ten lists and sold over three-million copies. The album had a great success and took four platinum with amazing songs like Change, You, Far Behind and Cover Me.

Unlike their grunge label, the members did not consider Candlebox to be a grunge band; they viewed themselves as a rock and roll band more than anything. As Kevin Martin said, “I surely hated being called a grunge band.”

Rise And Long Silence

Their following album, “Lucy”, was relased in October 1995. It seemed a little bit rush to use the first album’s success, but it was dissappointment for the fans and ignored by much of the mainstream media. It was certified gold anyway, thanks to some good songs (Simple Lessons and Understanding). In 1997, Mercado left the band and was replaced by Dave Krusen.

“Happy Pills” was released in 1998. The album had a limited success with the songs like It’s Allright, 10.000 Horses and Happy Pills. They toured with such bands like Living Colour, The Flaming Lips, Our Lady Peace, Rush, Henry Rollins, and Metallica. They also performed on the main-stage at Woodstock ’94 and made live performances on the David Letterman show during these period. But the downfall started for the band, Krusen and Bardin departed in 1999, they were replaced by Shannon Larkin and Rob Redick, but after this, the band disbanded the next year. Martin talked about the situation in an interview: “The label was in total disarray. When we released Happy Pills in 1998, the week before we went to radio with our first single, Maverick fired the whole radio promotions staff and the whole marketing team. 35 people lost their jobs and there was a record coming out and nobody to work it. We had it with them. When the record was done, we broke up the band. It ended up backfiring on us because the label kept me under contract. It was a great label when they started, but egos got in the way. Here’s a label that sold 35 million copies of Allison Morrisette and they couldn’t keep the fucking doors open.”

Martin, Klett and Mercado re-formed for some shows in 2006 to support the release of “Best Of Candlebox” compilation. After that, band was in a long silence until 2008. After 10 years of silence they changed their music company. 2008 album, “Into the Sun”, was released from Silent Majority Group. But the album was also disappointing for the band altough their reunion. After four years from the album, the band produced “Love Stories & Other Musings” hoping to achieve success again.

Love Stories & Other Musings

After the first album’s success, the band never get the same success again both sales and charts. They hoped for a boost from 2012 album, “Love Stories & Other Musings” consisted from 14 songs, but the last 5 songs (Far Behind You, Cover Me, Change and Simple Lessons) formed by the inclusion of the band’s most popular songs.

Album’s first song Youth in Revolt, was a terrific introduction. Following tracks were two good songs called “Sweet Summertime” and “Believe In It”, you would be pleased. In the meantime, one of the best songs from the album, “Believe In It”, was presented to the fans freely from the band’s web site. “She’s Come Over Me”, was a nice slow one, “Lifelike Song” was smelled blues, but the other songs were still average. Participation of the second guitarist Sean Hennesy, he and Klett sounded very harmonic with successful drum sound.

With “Love Stories & Other Musings”, Candlebox had hoped, but failed for the big boost again. This album was a little move forward with a couple good songs. In despite of these ones, the album was found average according to the music critics.

Disappearing in Airports

Before the last album released, co-founders of the band, Klett and Mercado left the band. Sean Henessy, who appeared in the last two albums, also left the band in 2015, only Kevin Martin left from the original line-up. “Disappearing In Airports” released in April 2016 from Pavement Record. Two singles were released from the album (Vexatious, Supernova), it was still average but better than last four ones.

25 Years And Still Rocking

Candleebox is currently on the road for their “25 Years And Still Rocking Tour” and playing songs from their all albums in addition to their latest release Disappearing in Airports.

“This tour is for our fans, those that have continued to support us for 25 years,” says Martin. “It’s been an honor to play for them throughout the years and we feel truly fortunate that our music continues to resonate with our audience. We can’t wait to hit the road for this one – I think people will be in for some big surprises!”.

“I don’t see Candlebox being around for 50 years like the Rolling Stones, but maybe another 10 would be nice.”

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