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Blindness – Jose Saramago

In addition to its interesting subject, Blindness is a different novel with its narrative style. For those who have not read Saramago before, a book written without any character names, without using punctuation marks other than periods, commas, can be difficult, sometimes even boring. Although he is considered one of the greatest writers of our time, Saramago is a writer I cannot warm to much. I found the book "Death Was Once, Once Not Existing" interesting, but shallow, and I was bored to death in "The Story of the Lost Island" (despite Dost Körpe). I'd be lying if I said I loved this book too, but it's the best book I've ever read.

The novel tells about the spread of white blindness to everyone like a contagious disease, which started when a man suddenly said "I went blind" while waiting at a red light in an unnamed city, and what happened afterwards. It is a book that is very difficult to follow due to its writing style and requires slow and careful reading and reflection. Since the speech line and the name are not used, it is not understood who is speaking and what is said from time to time.

Although it is one of the great works of the literary world, I could not read the novel with the same name, which was also filmed in 2008 with the same name, directed by Fernando Meirelles and starring Julianne Moore, Mark Ruffalo and Gael Garcia Bernal.


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