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Unutma Dersleri – Nermin Yıldırım

“The thing is, mine was one of those familiar stories. A forbidden love story that hits the bottom of the cliché. But here it is, although the history of humanity has seen many, it was the first for my humble existence. What is new to you is also to the world. Because the borders of your world are related to the size of your heart.”

The second book I've read by Nermin Yıldırım is Unutma Dersleri. It is as impressive, gripping and surprising as the first book I read and was impressed by, “Dokunmadan”. As she herself said, Nermin Yıldırım has created an excellent work out of the world's most cliché story.

Struggling with the pain of love, Feribe ends up in the Past Destruction Center to get rid of her painful sweet memories. However, the forgetting lessons given here and the homework he has to do every week will completely turn his life upside down, and our hero will be dragged into adventures that will not even cross his mind, while on the way to forget his ex-girlfriend. This is on the back cover.

As in her book, Dokunmadan, we have an unhappy, life-weary, asocial and depressive character, Feribe. Feribe is able to make fun of herself and her pain in her story, which she sometimes tells with a humorous language. While saying, "Were you the woman who would fall into this situation, Feribe," she is in constant struggle with herself, with her inner voice. Feribe, who is always busy with a job she doesn't like, with many options, including suicide, from the life she is increasingly bored and stuck with her understanding husband despite all the depression she goes through, continues to the Past Disposal Center (MİM), which she learned by chance, with passion and habit after initially just curiosity. Although the pain of separation eased in this process, the feelings and emotions he lived in the face of the secrets and facts that he had buried in his past and had to face again, are told with a slightly dystopian fiction.

Nermin Yıldırım has a unique language, likes to use Ottoman and old Turkish occasionally, and is a master at playing with words and idioms. Honestly, I like the fact that there is no over-description or description, besides, metaphors and similes are great.

“The real impossible love is between us and life.”

"I said I understand. That's all I could say. Because of some pain, there is no sentence. Words cannot bear the burden of some meanings.”

“The really selfish thing is depression. It is selfish because it keeps its owner and his experiences at the center of the world. The hungry, the sick, wars, earthquakes, even floods lose their importance.”

“For one thing, the broken heart could not be avenged. Because breaking another heart didn't fix the other."

"A beautiful but wrong possibility is often a direct child that has lost its taste. One can love a wrong just because it is beautiful."

“But life in general isn't just a ticker factory where plans work out, is it? While you make your plan, he makes his own. In the end, you win and lose your life.

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