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Letter to a Child Never Born – Oriana Fallaci

A must-read for every woman is Lettera to the Unborn Child (Italian: Lettera a un bambino mai nato). The book, which has sold more than 5 million copies worldwide, consists of letters written by a woman (Oriana Fallaci herself) who became pregnant out of wedlock to her unborn child, as the name suggests. The feelings, psychology and difficulties experienced by a woman trying to survive in a male-dominated society after she became pregnant out of wedlock are told through the author's own words. Her disappointment with her father not wanting the baby, her decision to give birth despite the psychological pressures of her boss and other people around her to abort the baby, and her struggle and experiences despite all the difficulties are told in the book. Despite all the pain, injustice and evil in the world, Fallaci tried to instill hope for love, goodness and justice with little tales that he quoted from his own life. illustrated with the court scene.

Written by Italian writer and journalist Oriana Fallaci in 1975, this 112-page edition was published with Pınar Kür translation in Turkish from Novella Can Publications.

“Life is such a difficult endeavor, child. The war that starts anew every day; the memories of happiness are short brackets, the price of which is painfully overpaid…”

“A season of what they call love between a man and a woman. And this season is nothing but a pile of rotting leaves when it wilts, just as it is a feast of greenery in bloom.”

“The spice of life is happiness, and there is such a thing as happiness; True happiness is the pursuit of happiness.”

“Don't you think a tree seed has to be brave to break through the ground and start growing? It only takes a little wind to break it, and a rat's claw to crush it. Yet it sprouts, stubbornly stands, and grows by sprinkling new seeds. Then it becomes a forest.”

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