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İki Şiirin Arasında – Yekta Kopan

The book consists of 2 parts. “Can we talk a little bit?” In the first episode titled 5, “Have We Met Before?” In the second part, there are 6 stories.

Songs Sing About You, You Don't Know What Love Is, Teacher, Between Two Poems, A Yellow Journey, I Finally Saw the Sun at Phra Keo, I should add that although I enjoyed reading the Introduction Sentence stories, it was not a bad story in general. Yekta Kopan is someone I like very much as a writer, her language is simple and sincere…

“For years, I always said what I needed to say, not what I thought. “

“Time was giving me my fears and stealing my sleep in return. “

“How do you bear those nightmares?” I say.

“Thanks to love,” he says. "Love you so much. I want to take our backpacks, go to unfamiliar lands, walk along mountains and streams and hug and kiss when we believe we have come to the edge of the world. If I hadn't loved him so much, Fuentes wouldn't have forgiven me. If I hadn't said my love so loudly, I wouldn't be able to look at the books in the house anymore. I love books as much as I love them, I love them with my distillation from the books.”

“It doesn't work, the history of ugliness doesn't change by laying two bricks or decorating one or two according to one's heart.”

“I take a deep breath. It hurts me that Aslı is -di'li past tense."

“Some fathers only bequeath their troubles to their sons. “

“But no matter how hard we try to laugh, we fail. No matter what we do tonight, sadness weighs heavily on the scales of life. “

“I read books in every language I know, I listen to music in every language I know, I am unhappy in every language I know.”

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