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19 May and Atatürk

May 19 has many meanings. The most important meaning of the War of Independence for this country is of course; Another important aspect of it is that our father attributes it to youth and sports, which he attaches great importance to. But I care most about the commemoration of Atatürk. He's always on my mind, but let me at least mention him on this occasion.

He was literally a statesman, a "Man" like the State, who devoted his life to war, struggle, and then to the construction and progress of a whole country.

He gave importance to science and art, and established many institutions such as the Turkish Language Association, Turkish History and Geography, and the State Opera and Ballet. He wrote 9 books, translations and many poems such as geometry, civilization, and the art of war, and read around 2000 books throughout his life. If we remember such a person every day, I am willing even today so that our people who have an idea without knowledge can understand it...



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