Disappearing of Candlebox

Candlebox, Alternative Rock band from Seattle, had released their sixth album. Disappearing in Airports was released as the 6th studio album of Candlebox, on April 22, 2016. Could “Disappearing in Airports”, be a kind of proof for disappearing of their own?

In 1993, Candlebox had a great success with their debut album “Candlebox”. In those years, with Alternative Rock and Grunge wave, band storms in the chartlists. The Band consisted from Kevin Martin (Vocals), Peter Klett (Guitars), Bardi Martin (Bass), and Scott Mercado (Drums), caught a great success and took four platinum albums with amazing songs like Change, You, Far Behind & Cover Me. Band took 4 Platinium with the album. Their following albums “Lucy” relased in 1995, “Happy Pills” released in1998. After that, band was in a long silence until 2008.But that album, “Into the Sun”, was a still disappointing for the band.

After four years from the last album, the band produced “Love Stories & Other Musings” and was hoping to achieve success.

After the first album’s success, nearly for 20 years later, the band had been doing some average albums and songs but with this album they managed to boost up a little. Love Stories & Other Musings consisted from 14 songs, but the last 5 songs (Far Behind You, Cover Me, Change and Simple Lessons) formed by the inclusion of the band’s most popular songs. The first song Youth in Revolt, is a terrific introduction. After that, with two great songs called “Sweet Summertime” and “Believe In It”, you will be pleased. In the meantime, one of the best songs from the album, “Believe In It”, is presented to the fans freely from the band’s web site (www.candleboxrocks.com). “She’s Come Over Me”, is a nice slow one, “Lifelike Song” is smelled blues, but the other songs are generally average. Participating with the second guitarist Sean Hennesy, he and Klett is sounded very harmonic with successful drums.

With “Love Stories & Other Musings”, Candlebox had hoped, but failed for a big boost. This album was a little move forward and much closer for a hit with 3-4 very good songs. In despite of a few good ones, album was found average according to the music critics.

Before the last album released, co-founders of the band, Klett and Mercado left the band. Sean Henessy, who appeared in the last two albums, also left the band in 2015. Now, only Kevin Martin still exists from the original line-up. Altough two singles were released from the album (Vexatious, Supernova), critics were not good for it. It is really tragic, “Disappearing in Airports” were the proof for disappearing of Candlebox.

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